Information for Parents

As children often don’t have the language to talk about their problems, Play Therapy is an approach where they can feel that they are understood and accepted.

In the Play Room your child will be encouraged to be creative and make their own choices.

Your child will be free to choose to play or not in the room. They will be encouraged to make their own choices of activities and choice of conversation. They will not be forced to talk about specific issues.

I will mainly use a non directive approach which allows your child to indicate where they are having difficulties in their lives through emerging themes in their play.

Sessions last for 45 minutes and are scheduled once a week.

It will be explained to your child that our time in the room is confidential; this means that none of the conversations or activities will be shared by me, your child will be free to share this information if they wish.

It will be explained to them that this does not apply to the “safety rule”, if your child shares that their safety is in danger, from themselves of from another person this information will be shared with a grown up of their choice.

During the course of therapy some children may get worse before they get better, don’t be disheartened this simply means they are working through their issues and this behaviour will not last forever.

As Play Therapy sessions are confidential, I will not be able to discuss with you every detail of the session such as what your child played with/ painted etc. However I will pass on information relating to themes of your child’s play where it is appropriate to helping your child’s healing.

Review Meetings;
While your child is attending Play Therapy sessions I will have regular contact with you either by phone or in person:
1. At the first session
2. Halfway through the agreed number of sessions I will check with you to see how you feel your child is getting on, and feedback to you any important information which may help your child.
3. And again towards the end of the agreed number of sessions. This will be to assess whether you feel your child is ready to end sessions or whether you feel your child could benefit from attending further sessions.

The meeting between sessions will be an opportunity to talk about any changes that may or may not have happened since attending the Play therapy sessions and can shape the future sessions.

If any important events or concerns occur between sessions which you would like to pass on to me please feel free to contact me at any time.

Contact Details:

Louise Patterson
Mobile Phone: 085 9401680